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La Familia

  La Familia on this episode of the ADHD the crew read some emails and give shout outs to the people who have been there since jump street. Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: May  12, 2017

PR: 5/10/17 #lessKaite

 The Prime Report: #LessKaite On this episode of ADHD they try to find out why Chodie is the way he is, Machete questions how down the crew is, Cheech talks about how no one dances anymore, and Weebs talks about his Tinder life. On the Prime Report they talk about France’s new president, what happens…

Burrito Brawl

Burrito Brawl  In honor of Cinco De Mayo Cheech challenges Chodie to a burrito eating contest. Did Cheech write a check his ass can’t cash? or does Cheech have a trick up his sleeve? Who’s gonna win? Find out on this episode of Burrito Brawl. Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: May  5, 2017

PR 5/3/17: Weekend At Ernie’s

 The Prime Report: Weekend At Ernie’s This week starts off tense as Weebs tries to start drama with Cody and Maria, Cheech falls off the wagon, and Ernie goes to a gallery with Paris Hilton. In The Prime Report, DMX checks into rehab, a hacker leaks episodes of OITNB, and Ja-Rule’s Fyre Festival is not…