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Titty Titty Gang Bang- KDHWEEBS #12

Titty Titty Gang Bang- KDHWEEBS #12 This episode was prerecorded on Memorial day. Weeb’s had just fallen off the scooter, Katie was high from the drugs they give you when you get an abortion. our lives are falling apart one episode at a time. Weeb’s wants to talk shit about some girl who doesn’t care about…

PR: 6/7/17: Beefed It

PR 6/7/17: Beefed It The entire ADHD crew is in the house as we welcome Prime back to the show! This week Weebs recaps his scooter crash, Cheech plugs a gig, and Katie starts a sleepy sex hotline. In The Prime Report Kathy Griffin apologizes for her decapitated Trump photo, Bill Maher apologizes for using a…

Miss Connection with Sharon Houston

Miss Connection with Sharon Houston  Sharon Houston pops in on this Friday episode of ADHD to talk about her Craigslist snaps she’s been posting looking for missed connections. The crew puts her Craigslist knowledge to the test. Find out how on this episode of Miss Connection Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: June 02  , 2017

PR 5/31/17: Cockwater

PR 5/31/17: Cockwater  This week on ADHD, the crew recaps their holiday weekend, Ernie goes on a cleanse and quits doing coke, and Katie talks about her party habits. In The Prime Report, Tiger Woods is arrested for DUI, Chipotle gets hacked, a kid flys out of a water slide on water parks opening day,…