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Dirty Laundry

  Dirty Laundry  On this episode of ADHD the crew calls out Cody for being a douche in the shows group chat. They reenact the text conversation to get to the bottom of this douchebaggery Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: April  28, 2017

PR 4/26/17: Under The Dickfluence

The Prime Report: Under The Dickfluence This week on ADHD the crew goes Live on Facebook in 360! After a rough role call, Prime goes to the hood fair, Ernie goes wine tasting in Somona, and Katie has a podcast fail. In The Prime Report, Jesse Jackson wants to shut down Facebook Live, the first…

The Cooking Quiz with Chef Cody

The Cooking Quiz with Chef Cody In anticipation of the upcoming inaugural episode of Cody Cooks Carbs, Cody decides to test the crew’s kitchen skills with a cooking quiz. Find out who’s is a master chef and who can barely boil water on this episode of ADHD! Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: April  21, 2017


THIS IS 420: KDHWEEBS #11 🌿🔥🌿🔥🌿🔥🌿🔥🌿🔥🌿🔥BONUS KDHWEEBS thanks to: For LOS ANGELES medical patients delivery needs @KatieCerniglia @JoesMovies GET HIGH!!! HAPPY 420!!!! Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: April  20, 2017