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PR 10/18/17: Too Much Tuna

PR 10/18/17: Too Much Tuna This week on ADHD, Katie flip flops on where her loyalties lie in social media, Weebs is on a weird diet, Katie sells her underwear, and Chet kicks it with Gucci Mane in the VIP. In The Prime Report, #MeToo campaign gains traction as Harvey Weinstein scandal continues, Man arrested…

Prize Box Pyramid Password 3

Prize Box Pyramid Password 3 On this episode of Prize Box Pyramid Password the guys play for a “first date kit” find out who wins and whats in the kit on this episode of Prize Box Pyramid Password. Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: October 13,  2017

PR 10/11/17: Skirt Season

PR 10/11/17: Skirt Season On this episode of ADHD Weebs comes out the gate seeking revenge on last weeks Triple Threat Reality Show. Machete pervs on chicks in short skirts, Cheech comes to terms with getting old and everyone talks about their uncut schnitzels. On the Prime Report they talk about scarface in the NFL,…

The Triple Threat Reality Show

The Triple Threat Reality Show On this very special public service announcement edition of ADHD Cheech, Machete, and Codie expose the truth about the most recent world premiere of the (not so popular) Triple Threat Podcast. Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: October 6,  2017