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PR 09/20/17: We’re Baaaack!

PR 9/20/17: We’re Baaaack! The whole crew is back for the first time in a long time! Chodes gives a recap of his Colorado trip, the crew votes on who they think would win in a fight between Weebs and Chodes, they talk about the new iPhones, and Chet gets scammed by internet trolls. In…

Mile High Club

Mile High Club Kenton is back on the show with his twin Shane wow and his actual twin Chasen Boswell. Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: September 15,  2017

PR 9/13/17: I’m Baaaack!

PR 9/13/17: I’m Baaaack! On this episode of the ADHD Weebs returns from Australia with gifts from downunder. Katie is still salty to Weebs over some old shit. Katie and Prime team up for a new business venture. On the Prime Report IT kills it at the box office, colleges teach masterbation prevents sexual assault, daughter…

Foreign Exchange Student with Tim McIntyre

Foreign Exchange Student with Tim McIntyre Weebs is gone so they replaced him With Tim. Tim is a fan of ADHD since the beginning and he shares with us how he got into the show as well as live ranking of all the ADHD Crew. Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: September 8,  2017