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PR 9/6/17: Kissing Cousins

PR 9/6/17: Kissing Cousins On this episode of ADHD the crew is stacked and it’s lit! They talk about why Chodie is a no show. Prime comes off the bench to lead the drops,  Chet and Katie link up at the Comedy Store. On the Prime Report they have special guest Garrett Mendez Chet’s cousin…

#sugardaddy pt2

#sugardaddy pt2 we follow up a week later to see if Katie’s reeled in a potential suitors. Twitter/IG: @ADHDcast Released: September 1,  2017

PR 8/30/17: Mohawk or Landing Strip?

PR 8/30/17: Mohawk or Landing Strip? On this very special episode of ADHD Chodie gets a fire haircut and the crew weighs in on his style. Katie gets lost while on acid and discovered El Pollo Loco and Cheech gets into a fender bender. On the Prime Report they talk about the Mayweather/McGregor, someone wins…


#sugardaddy On this episode Katie tries to reel in a sugar daddy on a famous dating site, but before we read a Chodie fan email. Released: August 25,  2017