PR 01/19/18: Everyone Wants To Sleep With You


PR 01/19/18: Everyone Wants To Sleep With You

On this Friday edition of the Prime Report Katie give us an update about her underwear business. Aziz is under fire, was it legit? Is the me too movement gone too far? New Yorkers want to see naked sweaty balls. Hawaii get trolled by a false alarm, and everyone finds out Chet has seen Pulp fiction way too many times.

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Released: January 19,  2018

The Prime Report

Aziz Ansari has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who claims he repeatedly got sexually aggressive with her Source

The woman — who remains anonymous — claims she went on a date with him last year and ended up in his Tribeca apartment. She claims he almost immediately began kissing, fondling and undressing her and then said he was going to grab a condom. The woman says she asked him to slow down, but he continued and performed oral sex on her.

She says when he started sticking his fingers in her throat, she used “verbal and non-verbal cues” to indicate her discomfort.

The woman says she doesn’t know if Ansari got the message at first, but when it eventually registered, she says he told her, “Of course, it’s only fun if we’re both having fun.”

Still, she says Ansari continued to push himself on her. She says she eventually left in tears.

The woman says she decided to come forward after she saw Ansari wearing a Time’s Up pin at the Golden Globes, where he won Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy TV Series for his lead role on “Master of None.”

Aziz has responded saying he believed the sexual activity he engaged in with the anonymous woman was completely consensual

New York City Fitness Studio To Offer Nude Workout Classes Source

Hanson Fitness, which boasts such celebrity clients as Rihanna, Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise, will be holding naked personal fitness classes to kick off 2018.

The studio initially plans to host three sessions a week: one mixed, one for men, and one for women.

the class will be a “total body workout that uses your body weight as resistance to work the glute, butt, legs and core — making you look and feel good naked,” the company said in a press release

Hawaii Panics After Alert About Incoming Missile Is Sent in Error Source

An early-morning emergency alert mistakenly warning of an incoming ballistic missile attack was dispatched to cellphones across Hawaii on Saturday, setting off widespread panic in a state that was already on edge because of escalating tensions between the United States and North Korea.

The alert, sent by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, was revoked 38 minutes after it was issued, prompting confusion over why it was released — and why it took so long to rescind. State officials and residents of a normally tranquil part of the Pacific, as well as tourists swept up in the panic, immediately expressed outrage.

Officials said the alert was the result of human error and not the work of hackers or a foreign government.