PR 11/29/17 The ADHD Experience


PR 11/29/17 The ADHD Experience

This week on ADHD, Katie opens with a eulogy to Chodes and Weebs, and Frosty fills in as “Budget Prime”. They talk about run ins with the law, Katie mourns the loss of her first Black D, they explore their theories on the afterlife, they talk about what they did for Thanksgiving, and Chet and Katie swap their Ron Jeremy fantasies.

In The Prime Report, Police bust a prostitution ring running out of a senior living facility, Massage Envy franchise accused of sexual assault, plus they get ratchet in The Ratchet Report. All those and much more, this week on ADHD!

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Released: November 29,  2017

The Prime Report

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth $100B thanks to Black Friday boom Source

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has reached a net worth of $100 billion

The online retail mogul this week surpassed Bill Gates on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, advancing almost $11 billion past the Microsoft co-founder.

He can thank Black Friday sales for helping Amazon shares to jump more than 2 percent and online holiday sales to increase by more than 18 percent since last year

Prostitution ring run out of senior living facility Source

Police in Massachusetts have arrested two men they say ran a prostitution ring out of an apartment at a senior living facility.

65-year-old Joseph Van Wert and 45-year-old Randy Lambach have been held without bail

Authorities say Lambach recruited drug addicts from Pittsfield, took photos of them, and posted ads on adult websites. Police say he scheduled and drove them to and from meetings with men, kept most of the proceeds, and paid the women in drugs.

Police say Van Wert used his apartment at a senior living facility as a place to conduct the prostitution.

Massage Franchise “Massage Envy” accused of 180 sexual assaults Source

A chain of massage spas with almost 1,200 locations across the nation is facing hundreds of sexual assault complaints amid concerns that it ignored or mishandled the allegations.

At least 180 people have filed sexual assault civil suits, police reports or complaints to state boards against Massage Envy, its franchises and their employees

One of Deiter’s victims, Susan Ingram, told BuzzFeed she left the spa after being assaulted, then called back to complain. Unhappy with the response, she called police. Officers questioned Deiter, who quickly admitted to assaulting the nine women — some of whom had previously complained to the spa

The Ratchet Report

Fight Breaks Out On NYC Train After Black Dude Tells An African To Go Back To His Country